What health risks the population is facing?

Looking back in 2014 could bring more interesting finding than one can expect. Deep reseach of Cencus and Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System data showed a couple of unexpected discoveries.

Let's start with bachelor degree holders who are from 11 to 25% of total population in different states. The first eye-catching trend is that with an increase of bachelor degree holders amount the alcohol consumption rate is also increasing. Is it just a coincidence? On the other hand the heart attack probability is noticeably decreasing and the number of people who consider their health as 'excellent' is visibly increasing.

The next demographic variable that was reviewed is a percentage of households with annual income up to $50 000. There is a direct correlation between this demographic and the heart attack rate. And also expected noticeable reverse relationship with 'excellent' health posessors number.

The last Cencus demographic is workers from 25 to 44 years old occupied in labor jobs. The more laborers the state has, the higher alcohol consupmtion rate in this state is. Meanwhile the heart attack rate slightly decreases with laborers rise and the number of people considering their health as 'excellent' increase.

One more interesting thing is that District of Columbia and West Virginia in most cases are on the opposite sides of graphs.